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Large analog photograph

mei 2, 2022

Hey guys! What about some BIG news. I mean REALLY BIG. My genius friends would say: “but what is big”? I mean ONE METER EIGHTY by ONE METER FOURTY BIG. Is that BIG enough for YOU?

My friend Chris -also known as ChrisAndje on Instagram- asked me one day to participate at CabinArt. I don’t know the exact number anymore, but something like 40 works would be chosen and hang on beach cabines, or whatever word the English man use for it. In Belgium we call it “strandcabinekes“. That’s correct for sure.

Anyway, I said yes, and we both were chosen. WHOOP WHOOP!

Now, as you already know (or not), I love analoge photography and steam trains (and the main subject of CabineArt was: Paul Delvaux, so I knew what to do). I had to make one BIG ANALOGE STEAM TRAIN FUZY dingetje zo. SO HERE IT IS. MY WET DREAM CAME TRUE. Sorry for that.

Also sorry for my last two sentences because I lied. It’s not there yet…

Together with my friend Luca –also know as … on Instagram- (he doesn’t has Instagram, he is a smart guy!) we tried 2 days to make it work. Unfortunately it went wrong during the very last phase. The testripes were perfect, but the final work was not sharp! DAMN!

The good news, we will try again… And it will succeed, I know for sure. #Pokerface.

Go visit the work -that is not there yet- on following dates and address!

Zeedijk 30-31
8670 Sint-Idesbald

From 14th of May until 11th of September.

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